About Us

Eugene E. Wisakowsky, Ph.D.

A co-founder of BGP Products, Dr. Wisakowsky is responsible for strategic direction and formulation.  After degrees in microbiology, food science and nutrition from Texas A&M Dr. Wisakowsky spent the next 17 years working for Anheuser Busch’s food division Campbell Taggart as Vice president of Technology. Seizing an opportunity, he became a partner of the startup food company, CF Chefs, Inc.  as Chief Technical Officer.  After 15 successful years it was sold to an international food company, and he started his next career venture.  

This new venture took him back to his life experiences growing up.   To a time that having family gardens that filed the pantry and the freezer for the year was common.   He learned the importance of not only the importance of blanching and temperature control of canning but of the necessity of making sure that the plants were healthy and productive.  His grandparents and parents taught him it was the soil and natural nutrition that put food on the table.

As a Registered Dietitian, he understood the benefits that probiotics and the way that the gut bacteria used chemical signals to influenced human health.    He knew that this same type of relationship exists between soil bacteria and plants.  After spending 30+ years working in food formulation and product development where microorganisms are both beneficial or deadly, he applied his knowledge and experience to our line of products.  Using a holistic approach, our products supply nutrition to both the soil and the plant and while encouraging the soil microflora to flourish. 


Keith E. Wisakowsky

Also, a co-founder of BGP Products, Keith is responsible for operations. Having a 15 years of experience in organizational management, engineering and transportation. He provides leadership to all aspects of production and quality.